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Write and Get Paid Instantly in Naira - Nigerian Sites That Pay You To Write for Them

Write and Get Paid In NairaDo you Know you can Make as much as 7000 Naira weekly by simply writing articles for blogs thst need them? I will explain to you how you can make money online in Nigeria by simply writing for blogs. I will also give you a list of some blogs that need article writers and pay instantly.

Bloggers knows the importance of having original and good quality blog content and that's the reason they are always in constant demand for useful content they can put up in their blogs to engage readers. They are always willing to pay those who are capable of crafting good and useful articles for their blogs.

How To Write and Get Paid In Nigeria

If you want to make money through writing articles, you need to have good writing skills which I believe you possess already. You also need to know how to write convincing and useful articles that is targeted at solving users problems.

You also need to have a little knowledge of what we bloggers call Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization. Keyword Research comprises of finding topics that are needed by your target audience and what search terms they use. The reason you might need to learn about this is that some of the blogs you would be writing for might need to you to get the topics yourself and write about them.

On the Other Hand, Search Engine Optimization Means writing keyword-rich and well optimised articles that will enable the search engine robots like Google, Bing or Yahoo to Understand your content and rank them accordingly.

Requirements For Making Money Online in Nigeria Writing Articles

1. Laptop: A laptop is important if you want to do this business. You might ask, what if I don't have a laptop? Then you can make use of the cyber cafe or rent one from a friend. Not only do you need the Laptop, you need to know how to type properly.

2. Internet Connection: It does not stop at having access to a computer , you also need Internet connectivity so you can email your articles to respective blogs that need them. You can use the cybercafe to do that as well.

3. A Bank Account: You need a bank account you would use to receive your payments. It could be a savings or cuurent account as long as it is still active and able to receive money.

Some Nigerian Sites That Pay You To Write Articles For Them and Amount They Pay : This is one of the biggest resources for how to's in Nigeria. I refer to them as the 'wikihow' of Nigeria. They need creative article writers urgently. Payment is 500 Naira per article.

Domainking.Ng : Domainking is a nigerian site that sells domain and webhosting. They are also in need of article writers for their blog page. You will need to show them a sample of your previous work in order to get accepted into the program. Payment Ranges from $12-$60. Payment depends on your experience and how popular your work is. : NaijaLearn is a blog in close semblance to Infoguidenigeria which means they also focus on howto's with a bit of technology related posts. They are In Need of quality 'how to' articles not minding what its about provided its helpful and original. Payment ranges from N350-N500 for every 500 words article. : If you have any idea about preparing any specific meal or snack, you can monetise it by writing a detailed recipe and submitting it to this site. You get paid N1000 per recipe you submit.

A social networking and news site owned by Africa's richest blogger, Linda Ikeji. You can earn 1000 Naira per original article that get accepted at the news section.

These are just a few sites that you can write and get paid in Naira. There are much more other sites but these just a few of them you can start with. I encourage you to put your writing skills to work and make money from it. And that? Now!

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